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Blue Ribbon Award
American Film Festival Best in Conservation Category

Golden Eagle Award
Council on International Non-theatrical Events

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Best Outdoor Documentary

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Columbus Film Festival
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The Original Cry of the Marsh documentary

Cry of the Marsh is the original documentary that inspired thousands of young ecologists in the 1960s and 70s. Bob Hartkopf filmed Cry of the Marsh with just a single 16mm camera, creating a vivid portrait of the high toll exacted on the environment by industrial-sized farming.  With its graphic images and compelling score, Cry of the Marsh became an instant classic within the green movement of the early 1970s.

Hartkopf Family PhotoHartkopf spent his boyhood on a farm adjacent to a beautiful marsh he came to love. When the marsh was drained, burned and plowed by neighbors, he began filming straightforward account of wetlands destruction. At the time, Landers Film Review called it 'an excellent and honest report on the tragic loss of our natural wild areas.'

Cry of the Marsh is a powerful and compelling story that graphically captures the poetic beauty of a march before drainage and the awesome finality that results when man claims a marsh for other purposes. Its message is indelible and urgent.

'Everyone should see this film.'
- Film News, 1970

North American marshes are breeding grounds for millions of wild water birds and also serve as natural reservoirs to help prevent floods. These precious wetlands are rapidly Hartkopf Family Farm photodisappearing, victims of man's relentless search for more farmland, more highways, more space for refuse, and more urban development area.

With each destroyed marsh has gone the infinite varieties of interrelated life. Too often man has caused lasting changes in the biosphere without thought of harmful ecological consequences, consequences which now threaten his own existence. According to Booklist, the film is 'a most graphic expression of man's destructive influence on the balance of nature.'

"Clean and eloquent plea for conservation."
-Educational Film Library Association, 1970


Echoes of Cry of the Marsh is a production of the
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